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Expanding slot equipment
- Apr 17, 2018 -

PCMCIA devices are mostly used for notebook computers, mobile devices and instruments. Desktop computers generally do not provide PCMCIA interfaces. In the past, the most common PCMCIA device was the PCMCIA network card and modem. With the development of technology, the mobile electronic equipment and digital equipment entered the family. We began to contact the flash memory card of the PCMCIA interface, the mobile hard disk and all kinds of special extended slots. If desktop computers can also provide a PCMCIA interface, these mobile memory cards can be used as a bridge for data exchange between mobile devices such as laptops and desktop computers. In the past, most computer users used 3 inch floppy disk as the carrier of data exchange. However, with the increase of the volume of computer files, the 1.44M floppy disk could not meet the needs of some files transmission. In contrast, the speed of reading and writing of the floppy disk is slow and easy to be damaged. Relatively speaking, 10MB and other electronic hard disk memory have the characteristics of fast transmission, large capacity, convenient portability and high safety.

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