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Power distribution unit product function
- Apr 17, 2018 -

1.Interface compatibility: the power socket module of various countries in the world can meet the different needs of Multi Country customers and use output socket and IEC outlet. It is suitable for many countries with different import instruments and equipment.

1) dual input, IEC socket input, product front panel input, product rear input, product end input and other forms can be realized.

2), with a variety of specifications of the standard British standard, German standard, American Standard, India;

3) optional 10A, 16A and industrial coupler and other specifications of the plug.

2.Convenient and reliable installation performance: 19 inch standardized design, installation is very simple. At least 2 screws are needed to fix PDU firmly. The PDU product can be adjusted to 180 degrees according to user needs. The special L bending plate can also be used to adjust the PDU product to 90 degrees.

3.Multiple circuit protection: lightning, surge protection: maximum impact resistance current: 20KA or higher; limit voltage: less than 500V or lower; through Beijing lightning protection test center professional inspection, can be used as the equipment end of fine surge protection;

4. Alarm protection: LED digital current display and full current monitoring with alarm function.

5.Filter protection: a clean power with fine filter protection and output super stability.

6.Overload protection: providing two pole overload protection, which can effectively prevent problems caused by overload.

7.Anti misoperation: PDU main switch ON/OFF with protective grating, can prevent accidental shutdown, and provide alternative two-way.