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Characteristics Of Power Distribution Unit
- Apr 17, 2018 -

1. High safety factor and cost saving

Through PDU, the power supply has the function of overload protection and multiple circuit protection, which can prevent the hazards of overload, lightning and surge, so as to maximize the safety factor of the product. In addition, the product can help users realize unattended, save labor costs, effectively reduce management and maintenance costs, and cost-effective.

2, real time electric power monitoring, automatic alarm protection

PDU can monitor power parameters such as supply voltage, current, active power, reactive power and frequency in real time, so that users can grasp and manage various power equipment. When the system fails or the total load current exceeds the set value of the system, it will automatically alarm by SMS, e-mail and telephone.

3. Support remote control, convenient management

PDU can be connected to the LAN or the Internet. The user can control the PDU by remote computer, and inquire, connect, disconnect or restart the power supply of the equipment of its connected port, which completely breaks the shackles of distance and region.

4, flexible strategy management

According to the use of various power equipment, users can customize the configuration strategy. Based on user's policy management and monitoring events, the product supports centralized management and automatic cycle control. It manages a number of devices at the same time at the same time and sets the switching cycle of the power supply autonomously. It is convenient and practical.

5, electric measurement, evaluation of energy consumption

PDU can manage the power consumption of electric equipment, calculate the power factor, and evaluate the energy consumption of power equipment. If the power factor is low, the power is lost in the transmission process, and the power consumption increases suddenly. PDU can adjust the power consumption state of the equipment by setting, and bring the alarm to the user in the way of SMS, mail and so on.

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