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Development Course Of Surge Protector
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The most primitive surge protective device, the goat horn clearance, appeared in the late nineteenth Century. It used for overhead transmission lines to prevent lightning damage and equipment insulation, resulting in power failure. In 1920s, there were aluminum surge protectors, oxide film surge protectors and ball surge protectors.  In 30s, a pipe surge protector appeared. The SiC lightning arrester appeared in 50s. In 70s, metal oxide surge protector appeared again. The modern high voltage surge protector not only limits the overvoltage caused by lightning in power system, but also limits the overvoltage caused by system operation. Since 1992, the 35mm slideway card, which is represented by Germany and France, can plug in the SPD lightning protection module, which has begun to be introduced into China in a large scale. The integrated box type power supply combination of the United States and Britain has also entered China later.