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Grading Protection Of Surge Protector
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The first stage lightning arrester can discharge the direct lightning current, or discharge the huge energy transmitted when the power transmission line is directly struck by lightning. For the place where the direct lightning strikes may occur, the CLASS - I lightning protection must be carried out. The second stage lightning arrester is a protective device for the residual voltage of the former lightning arrester and the lightning stroke in the area. In the case of large lightning energy absorption of the front stage, there is still a considerable amount of energy transmitted to the equipment or the third stage lightning arrester, and the second level lightning arrester is needed to be further absorbed. At the same time, the transmission line passing through the first class lightning arrester will also induce the lightning strike electromagnetic pulse radiation LEMP. When the line is long enough, the energy of the inductive thunder will become large enough, and the second stage lightning arrester is required to further discharge the lightning energy. The third level lightning protector protects the LEMP and the residual lightning energy through the second level lightning arrester.