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How To Choose PDU Socket
- Sep 24, 2018 -

PDUs are generally used in relatively special places such as computer rooms. The equipment they carry is also very expensive. Once power is cut off, it will cause huge damage to the equipment. If the data is not stored, the loss will be incalculable. So don't underestimate a small PDU in the cabinet. How to choose it, look down:

1) Equipment integrators: General equipment integrators are familiar with the equipment room conditions, can be matched according to the needs of the owners, and then the overall settlement, but there is also a drawback, that is, the price is higher.

2) Intermediate equipment vendors: With the sales equipment such as: servers, routers, switches, etc., the jack form and power parameters can be accurately matched, and the equipment is packaged and settled at a moderate price.

3) Professional power suppliers: such as column head power distribution cabinets, PDU power supply and other professional vendors, where you can get professional guidance and help, and flexible customization, configuration specifications, high security, low price, but the cost must be settled separately.

4) Look for the brands: now the imported brand certification is complete, quality assurance; but the price of the goods is high, the delivery period is long, and the jack type is relatively simple, can not be customized according to customer requirements; domestic high-end brands Complete component certification, complete factory qualifications, complete service, products can be customized according to customer requirements; and domestic low-end miscellaneous brands: no qualifications, product quality can not be guaranteed, many are small plus workshop production There is no qualification or borrowing the qualifications of other manufacturers. The parameters are unclear and can be customized. Instead of using this PDU, it is better to use an authentic high-end brand wiring board.

5) Actual purchase: Select PDU first to see the manufacturer's qualifications: first, confirm the factory's qualifications; second, look at the product's test report or other supporting documents to ensure product safety. The PDU is a very professional product in the equipment room. It plays a crucial role in the safety of the equipment in the equipment room. Therefore, the manufacturer's working years are an important indicator to test the stability and professionalism of the PDU product. Pre-sales guidance: Whether there is pre-sales guidance is an important sign of whether PDU manufacturers are professional, equipment can not use electricity, power matching is insufficient, poor grounding, even burning equipment, power supply line interruption will follow. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a qualified supplier.

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