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How To Use Wifi Smart Socket
- Jul 18, 2018 -

1. Wireless socket This is not required to be transmitted point-to-point. It can be used through the wall, and its remote control distance can be as high as 100M, and the load can reach 500W. It can be said that it is a widely used product.

2, the wireless socket uses infrared sensing technology, and then through the infrared receiving method for some power sources turned on remote. Moreover, this product still automatically detects the current change through the intelligent IC chip, so that the electric appliance can realize the operations of automatic standby and shutdown, and at the same time, it can sense the external high-voltage lightning during the use process, and it will also start after a certain range is exceeded. To protection.

3, how to use the wireless socket, this is generally also provides a socket and a receiving module. For example, the front power jack is provided on the socket. Then its power plug is also connected to the power cord inside the power hole through the back.

4. The smart socket can also be controlled by infrared remote control. At the same time, it can also remotely control some ordinary household TV sets, such as VCD, air conditioner, power amplifier, etc. It can be adjusted into manual control or remote control. Will not affect each other, anti-interference is good.