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How To Use Wifi Socket
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Wifi sockets are used in many places such as lamps, home appliances and home appliances. Using wireless remote control and wireless transmission systems with wired and infrared devices, it sounds a bit more complicated, it gets rid of the limitations of the cable and moves more freely. How to use a wireless socket is better? It is used in many industrial applications, and wireless sockets do not require point-to-point transmission and can even be used through walls.

The wireless socket uses infrared sensing technology to receive remote power on. How to use the wireless socket is better, the wireless smart socket internally integrates a programmable automatic control safety energy-saving converter and an intelligent intelligent standby power-saving socket. It can automatically detect the current change through the intelligent IC chip, thereby realizing the automatic standby of the appliance. Shutdown and other operations can also sense high-voltage lightning from the outside, and will automatically power off when the range is exceeded.

The wireless socket has a socket and a receiving module. The front power socket is provided on the socket, the BR plug is connected to the bottom of the plug, and the power plug is connected to the power cable in the power hole through the back. Compared with the ordinary wiring, it is not cumbersome. The layout of the structure is more reasonable and will not affect other interfaces on the wall.

Through infrared remote control, learn to remotely control the code of ordinary household TV remote control, VCD remote control, air conditioner remote control, power amplifier remote control, etc., can be controlled by hand or remotely, without affecting each other, good anti-interference, the top of the socket is The three feet are inserted, and each side has a two-legged plug.

When using, just press and hold the learning button, the indicator light will be on for 10 seconds and then off. When the reset is successful, the button will be released, so that the remote controller for learning the code can be released. Just press and hold the learning button until the indicator light flashes and then enter the learning state. Use the remote control with infrared function to face the socket receiving window, and then press a button to emit the infrared signal. This button can be used to open the remote control socket.