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Intelligent Timing Power Outlet
- Apr 17, 2018 -

If you measure the rice cooker for 35 minutes, you can put the plug in at 11:30, then you will be ready to go home at 12:05. In addition, the value of an ordinary electric cooker with only a few dozen yuan can be appreciated to the value of an intelligent electric cooker equivalent to 400 to 600 yuan; it also avoids the worry that office workers forget to close the office equipment from work, and the schools and factories can also automatically control the bells, not only the time is accurate, but also the savings. The salaries of a staff member are especially suitable for those who work or live regularly.

1., it has time reservation function. It can preset 16 times a week's opening or closing control in a week.

2., let your electrical appliances set the working mode according to your life rule, bring great convenience to your life, upgrade the traditional electrical appliances to intelligent appliances.

3. LCD clock display function.