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PDU Knowledge
- Jul 09, 2018 -

1. What is a PDU?

PDU  (Power Distribution Unit), which is the socket power socket we often  say. The PDU is designed for power distribution of cabinet-mounted  electrical equipment. It has different functions, installation methods  and different plug-ins. Multiple  combinations of bit combinations provide a suitable rack-mount power  distribution solution for different power supply environments. The  application of the PDU can make the power distribution in the cabinet  more tidy, reliable, safe, professional and beautiful, and make the  maintenance of the power supply in the cabinet more convenient and  reliable.

2. How many forms does the PDU input have?

There are three types of input to the PDU: single line input; two line input; IEC320 input.

3. Is the cabinet socket PDU different from the normal power strip?

Compared  with ordinary power strips, cabinet sockets (PDUs) have the following  advantages: more reasonable design, stricter quality and standards, long  safe and trouble-free working hours, excellent leakage and over-current  overload protection, and plug-in The  action is frequent and not easy to damage, the heat is warmed up small,  the installation is more flexible and convenient, and it is suitable  for industrial customers who have strict requirements on electricity  consumption. It  also fundamentally eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by  frequent power failures, burnouts, fires, etc. caused by poor contact  and small load.

4. How to choose the cabinet dedicated power distribution unit PDU?

First,  you should first calculate which devices are placed in your cabinet (or  which devices may be used) and calculate how many jacks you need? What plugs are the devices? (Which  plug is equipped with a socket, GB2099.3 million socket can use  IEC60906 American standard plug and GB1002/10A three flat plug and  BS1363 British standard plug, although GB2099.3 compatibility is good,  but when working at high current, It is best to use a professional accessory socket. Only when the calculation is accurate can you avoid waste and not enough.

Second,  consider what control and protection features you want on the PDU (such  as overload protector, anti-surge protection filtering, etc.), and how  to install it in the cabinet (usually with standard 19-inch and vertical  extension PDUs, etc.) How much space is occupied and how it is installed, etc.

Again,  through the statistics of the rated working state of the overall  equipment in the cabinet, calculate the appropriate value that the PDU  should be able to carry the power (normally, it can also be estimated,  calculated according to the rated working current of each server 2A,  this method is not accurate, please use with caution ), then select the appropriate configuration of the PDU (current PDU can be up to 64A/16KW)

Finally, consider other factors such as price and after-sales service to select the right supplier. After all, you are sourcing because of your needs. Quality assurance and meeting your needs are the most important.