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PDU Lightning Protection Socket
- May 25, 2018 -

Why do we use lightning protection PDUs? In our busy work environment, there will be about 1800-432,000 power surges per hour. Lightning,  switching of the power grid, load switching of neighboring users, and  changes in electromagnetic fields are the causes of such power  disturbances. Studies  have shown that about 80% of transient surges are generated internally  by the power supply system. From daily copiers and air conditioning  equipment on and off to the start-up of various devices, almost all  electrical equipment or systems generate surges. All affected by the surge. The  cumulative effects of these surges cause the performance of  semiconductor devices to deteriorate, failures, and lifetimes to be  reduced, eventually leading to machine damage and data loss. Surge is also called surge, as its name suggests is the momentary overvoltage beyond the normal operating voltage. In  essence, a surge is a violent pulse that occurs in just a few  millionths of a second. Possible causes of surges are: heavy equipment,  short circuits, power switching, or large engines. Products  containing surge-blocking devices can effectively absorb sudden bursts  of energy to protect connected devices from damage. Surge  protection device, also called signal lightning protection device, is  an electronic device that provides security protection for various  electronic devices, instrumentation, and communication lines. When  a sudden current or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical  circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge  protector can conduct the shunt in a very short time, thereby avoiding  the damage of the surge to other equipment in the circuit.

The  following explains the safety of surge protection converters: ordinary  lightning protection sockets on the market, without any safety and  protection measures, simple functions, high risk of use, when the  lightning protection fails, it will cause the socket to lose power, and  Changyi Technology Surge  protection converter can give alarm indication when lightning  protection is effective and ensure that the outlet will not be powered  off. This is very necessary for some key equipment that is not allowed  to be powered off. Therefore, the Changyi lightning protection series is  pluggable. The  lightning protection module (lightning protection socket) has been  widely used as a professional product in important occasions such as  professional lightning protection engineering equipment, machine room  equipment, and lightning protection of key electronic equipment. Using  professional design, professional components, built-in, international  top-level components; Product built-in thermal coupling components,  monitoring surge protection effectiveness; Power indication, grounding  indication and surge protection fault warning, real-time monitoring of  the working status with a dedicated ground terminal to make lightning  protection and grounding Electrical grounding is more convenient and surge surges faster. Use  a thermal fuse: When its ambient temperature rises to its operating  temperature, its fusible alloy melts and contracts under a surface  tension and with the help of a special resin. It shrinks into a ball and  attaches to the ends of both pins. In this way, the circuit is permanently cut off. The  unique structural design and industrial appearance design ensure the  strength, safety and aesthetics of the product; The shell made of  high-strength engineering plastics has excellent flame retardant and  insulation properties; The thick connecting copper tape and the  ultra-thick connecting cable ensure the electrical safety. The  shell material is excellent in flame retardancy, contains anaerobic  factors, and has outstanding fire protection properties. It does not  burn when exposed to fire. High  flame-retardant, impact resistance, and excellent pressure resistance,  heat resistance, moisture resistance and other characteristics.

If  your home or cabinet is still using ordinary civilian outlets, then  OUT, and you should raise your awareness of prevention as soon as  possible, because electrical indicators can not meet your real needs,  which is very dangerous. Once  the load exceeds the load capacity of the wiring and circuit structure,  it will cause dangerous accidents such as heat accumulation, ignition,  circuit interruption, data loss, and even electrical fire. PDU  quality is related to the security of all IT equipment and can't be  neglected at any time! I believe that through my introduction, you  already have a certain understanding of the lightning protection socket  (PDU power distribution unit), and it is necessary to have a lightning  protection PDU!