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PDU Outlet Features
- May 25, 2018 -

1,  PDU power outlet installation and maintenance are very convenient, PDU  power outlet can have a variety of ways to install and fix
2.  The PDU power socket has the power environment and early warning  functions such as local area or network online detection current and  voltage, and it has protection functions such as leakage prevention,  lightning protection, overload, and surge.
3, because PDU power socket is more safe and reliable than ordinary power socket.
4.  The PDU power outlet basically eliminates potential safety hazards such  as frequent power failures, burnouts, and fires caused by poor contact  and low load of ordinary power outlets.
5, PDU power socket kit material using phosphorus table copper material, processing fine.
6.  The PDU power sockets are produced and designed according to the  international common structure, and are widely applied to standard and  non-standard cabinets. Compared with ordinary power sockets, PDU power sockets can be applied to sensitive device system devices. PDU power outlet has PDU technology, high work efficiency, strong anti-interference ability, reliable performance and so on.
7.  The reliable contact of the PDU power socket is much larger than that  of the ordinary power socket. The unipolar socket life is more than  5,000 times, which is much higher than that of an ordinary power socket.  The PDU power socket has very good connectivity and electrical continuity.