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PDU Power Outlet Setting Location Requirements
- Jul 09, 2018 -

The location and number of PDU power outlets are determined to facilitate the use of home appliances. The  aesthetics of the interior decoration plays an important role. The  layout of the PDU power socket should be based on the indoor household  appliance point and the planned position of the furniture, and should  pay close attention to the relevant professional cooperation with the  building decoration to determine the correct position of the socket.

1.  The PDU power socket should be installed on not less than two  symmetrical wall surfaces. The horizontal distance between two PDU power  sockets on each wall should not exceed 2.5m~3m, and the distance from  the end wall should not exceed 0.6m.

2.  The ordinary PDU power socket without special requirements is installed  at a distance of 0.3m from the ground. The special socket for the  washing machine is installed 1.6m away from the ground, with indicators  and switches;

3. The air conditioner should be equipped with a dedicated PDU power outlet with a switch. In  the case of explicitly adopting an air conditioner, the air conditioner  PDU power socket should be arranged according to the following  positions: 1 split type air conditioner PDU power socket should be set  according to the reserved hole position of the outlet pipe 1.8m from the  ground; 2 window air conditioner The  PDU power socket should be set at a distance of 1.4m from the ground of  the window; the PDU power socket of the 3-cabinet air conditioner  should be set at 0.3m from the ground at the corresponding position. Otherwise,  consider a reserved 16APDU power outlet for the split air conditioner  and set it on the load-bearing wall near the exterior wall or the  daylighting window.

4.  For any room with a cable terminal box or computer socket, at least two  five-hole combination PDU power sockets should be set beside the cable  terminal box or computer socket to meet the needs of TV, VCD, audio  power amplifier or computer. It  is also possible to use a multi-functional modular PDU power socket (at  least 3 to 5 different two-hole and three-hole sockets are arranged on  the panel), and the horizontal distance between the PDU power socket and  the cable terminal box or the computer socket is not less than 0. .3m;

5.  The living room (living room) is the main activity place for personnel  concentration. There are many household appliances. The design should be  arranged according to the layout of the building decoration, and it  should be ensured that each main wall has a PDU power socket. If  the wall length exceeds 3.6m, the number of sockets should be  increased. If the wall length is less than 3m, the PDU power socket can  be set in the middle of the wall. There  is a PDU power outlet next to the cable terminal box and the computer  socket, and an air conditioner PDU power socket is provided, and a PDU  power socket with a switch should be used in the living room;

6.  The bedroom should ensure that the two main symmetrical walls are  equipped with a combined PDU power socket. When the bed ends against the  wall, the combined PDU power socket should be set on both sides of the  bed, and the air conditioner PDU power socket is provided. There  should be two sets of combined PDU power outlets next to the cable  terminal box and the computer socket, and the single bedroom only has a  PDU power socket for the computer;

7.  In addition to the wall of the bookcase, the study shall ensure that  the two main walls are provided with a combined PDU power outlet, and an  air conditioner PDU power socket and a computer PDU power socket;

8.  The kitchen should be equipped with multiple PDU power outlets at  different locations and heights according to the layout of the building  to meet the needs of a variety of electric cooker equipment such as  range hoods, disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, rice cookers,  electric water heaters, refrigerators, etc. Refer  to the cooktop, console, desk, and dishwashing table to select the best  position to set the range hood socket, generally 1.8m ~ 2m from the  ground. The  electric water heater should be equipped with a 16A three-wire socket  with a switch and installed at a distance of 1.4m to 1.5m from the right  side of the water heater. Be careful not to place the socket above the  electric heater. Other  electric cooker PDU power sockets are arranged under the cabinet or  above the console, at different positions and at different heights. The  sockets should be equipped with power indicators and switches. When  the refrigerator is set in the kitchen, a special socket should be  installed, which is installed from 0.3m to 1.5m from the ground;

9.  It is strictly forbidden to set the PDU power socket in the damp place  in the bathroom, such as the shower area or the bathtub. The PDU power  sockets in other areas should be splash-proof. When  there is an external window, the exhaust fan junction box or socket  should be reserved beside the outer window. Since the exhaust air duct  is generally in the shower area or near the bathtub, the junction box or  socket should be installed 2.25m above the ground. Reserve  an electric water heater socket and a PDU power socket for the body  cleaner 0.6m away from the shower area or outside the bath. A  PDU power socket for beauty and shaving is installed next to the  washstand mirror and is installed 1.5m to 1.6m above the ground. The socket should have a switch and indicator light;

10. The balcony should be equipped with a single-phase combined PDU power outlet, 0.3m from the ground.