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Proper Use Of Server Cabinet Power Outlets
- Oct 18, 2018 -

As a PDU supplier, our company also visited and inspected many central office rooms. It was found that most of the units paid great attention to the construction of the power supply of the central computer room. The UPS capacity and double-loop power supply to the cabinet were very standardized. However, it has also been found that many companies have neglected the power connection details of the internal equipment of the cabinet - using ordinary patch panels for power transfer. Some cabinets have insufficient holes in the power strips, so they are connected in layers one by one, which will cause the power cord of the equipment room to be chaotic, and it is easy to cause security risks.


The servers, switches, data storage and other electronic devices managed by the central computer room are responsible for the key business processing of the unit. Some even need 7×24 hours of uninterrupted operation, such as air conditioners, cabinets, power supplies, etc. The requirements are also getting higher and higher. All equipment in the equipment room, whether it is primary equipment or auxiliary equipment, must have high reliability and availability. For power outlets, this is the last pass for all devices to use electricity. If it is not stable enough and does not have sufficient protection, it can lead to the destruction of expensive electronic devices and even the collapse of the entire business system.

PDU socket

So what kind of socket should I use for the equipment room equipment to use this last pass? The answer is: PDUs should be used. Compared with ordinary power sockets, the advantages of such cabinet power sockets are as follows: more reasonable design arrangement, more types of socket systems, stricter quality and standards, long safe and trouble-free working hours, various types of leakage and over-current overload protection. The function is complete, even if it is frequently inserted and removed, it is not easy to damage it, and the heat is small, the installation is more flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for industrial customers who have strict requirements on electricity consumption. It also fundamentally eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by poor power failure, burnout, fire, etc. caused by poor contact and heavy load. At the same time, it also has the advantages of flexible control functions, convenient use, and convenient intelligent management.

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