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Talking About The Role Of PDU In Computer Room Management
- Jul 09, 2018 -

PDU, namely: cabinet power distribution unit. The  PDU product plays the role of all the expensive equipment in the  associated equipment room, and the technical content and electrical  specifications are very high. In  fact, due to the special environment in the cabinet, the PDU must  provide functions such as lightning eliminator (SPD) and overload  protector, as well as low temperature rise, high current carrying,  anti-missing, high-precision insertion and removal, and convenient  installation. Highly reliable electrical performance.

    If  the ordinary civilian sockets are still in use in the cabinet (as shown  in the figure), the engine room management personnel should raise the  awareness of prevention as soon as possible, because it is very  dangerous because the electrical indicators can not meet your real  needs. Once  the load exceeds the load carrying capacity of the line and circuit  structure, it can cause dangerous accidents such as heat accumulation,  ignition, open circuit, data loss, and even electrical fire. The quality of PDUs is related to the security of all IT equipment and cannot be ignored at any time!
    Recently,  the Ruida Secco project expansion PDU, which has just been listed,  solves the above problems in an all-round way and is the biggest bright  spot in the PDU market this year. There  are a total of 27 models in this series, which are creatively  modularized. From plugs to flexible cables to various functional  components, users can choose freely according to the environment and  equipment. Taking  plugs as an example, Ruida Secco offers 10A, 16A, industrial coupler  plugs (dustproof and waterproof plugs with a protection rating of at  least IP44) and external plugs with various power input forms. Got home.