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What Are The Advantages Of PDU Power Sockets?
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Ideal for dynamic data centers that strive for maximum power and space efficiency, modular PDUs and docking stations are specifically designed for 1U fixed servers with a unique architecture. This new design includes a short cable on the docking station. This new modular PDU allows users to distribute power to the rack to reduce cable tangling. This PDU has a unique modular structure that allows the user to effectively distribute the power output interface along the rack, making it easier to install and increasing the number of outlets. This new high-amplitude PDU gives users the flexibility to place modular units in different locations on the stand without worrying about sacrificing valuable rack space.

Compared with ordinary power strips, cabinet sockets (PDUs) have the following advantages: more reasonable design, stricter quality and standards, long safe and trouble-free working hours, excellent leakage and over-current overload protection, and plug-in The action is frequent and not easy to damage, the heat is warmed up small, the installation is more flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for industrial customers who have strict requirements on electricity consumption. It also fundamentally eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by frequent power failures, burnouts, fires, etc. caused by poor contact and small load.