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What Is PDU
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The PDU power cabinet socket has a power distribution manager for power distribution and management functions. The PDU power socket is the first and most closely related component of multi-device operation. The quality of the PDU directly affects each device.

The PDU series cabinet socket type power protection lightning protection device is designed according to the IEC standard. It is designed to finely protect sensitive equipment of single-phase AC power supply. The PDU power cabinet is applied to the equipment side as the third-level protection of the power supply, so that the equipment is protected from lightning or electronic interference. Damage caused by transient overvoltages.

The power protection lightning protection device of the PDU power cabinet adopts two-stage series linkage protection, the maximum flow rate can reach 20kA, the voltage protection level can be as low as 800V, the input and output are compatible with multi-national standard plugs and various power matching, and the PDU power cabinet has recoverable. The overload protection device combines the lightning protection device with the power supply board.

PDU power cabinet