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What Is Rack Pdu
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Rack PDU are rack-mount power outlets designed for installation on standard cabinets. It mainly protects important equipment such as communication and electronics in the cabinet to avoid equipment damage caused by overvoltage and lightning induction.

Rack socket performance characteristics

1. It has an international standard jack, modular structure and easy operation and maintenance.

2. The shell is made of high quality imported flame retardant materials, and the products conform to international standards and national standards.

3. It has the functions of wide application range, high mechanical strength, safe and reliable use and automatic protection of overload.

4. The lightning protection component adopts the full protection mode of common mode and differential mode, and is carefully developed by selecting new technology and new technology.

5, strong flow capacity, fast response time, low residual pressure.

6, temperature control circuit breaking technology and overcurrent protection technology.

7. Work status indication.