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What Is The Difference Between A Cabinet PDU And A Normal Outlet?
- Jul 20, 2018 -

1. Compared with ordinary power strips, the advantages of cabinet sockets (PDU) are: better design, stricter quality and standards, long safe and trouble-free working hours, and excellent leakage and over-current overload protection. The insertion and removal action is frequent and not easy to damage, the heat is warmed up small, the installation is more flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for industrial customers who have strict requirements on electricity consumption. It also fundamentally eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by frequent power failures, burnouts, fires, etc. caused by poor contact and small load.

2. PDU commonly found in the computer room and communication hardware fields refer to cabinet power sockets. Compared with the ordinary socket, the special power socket of the cabinet has the advantages of good safety quality, large carrying power, various types of socket systems, complete protection functions, flexible control functions, convenient use, convenient and intelligent management, and the like. The only drawback is that it is a lot more expensive than ordinary sockets.

3, interface compatibility:

1). It can realize two-way input, IEC socket input, product front panel input, product rear input, and product end input.

2), with a variety of national standard, British standard, German standard, American standard, Indian standard.

3), optional 10A, 16A and industrial couplings and other plugs.