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What Is The Difference Between A Cabinet-specific PDU And A Socket?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

First  of all, the cabinet-specific socket is usually called PDU, the full  name of the English POWER-DISTRIBUTION-UNIT, meaning the power  distribution unit. The  PDU is generally designed for a 19-inch standard cabinet. It adopts a  modular structure, which mainly ensures the power supply of important  equipment such as communication and electronics in the cabinet to avoid  equipment damage caused by overvoltage and lightning induction. Although  the PDU is a small device, it is the longest working device in various  devices. As long as the device works, the PDU will be in working state. If the quality of the PDU is not good, it may cause power failure or even fire, and its loss will be immeasurable. Therefore,  it is important to choose a high-quality and high-performance network  cabinet dedicated power distribution unit to further ensure the safety  of the system.
What  advantages does the PDU have over ordinary power outlets? Look at the  advantages of the following PDUs and the normal sockets are not  available:
1. Lightning protection and surge protection: maximum withstand current: 20KA or higher; limit voltage: ≤500V or lower.
2, alarm protection: LED digital current display and full-range current monitoring with alarm function.
3, filter protection: with fine filter protection, output ultra-stable pure power supply.
4, overload protection: provide two-pole overload protection, can effectively prevent the problems caused by overload.
5,  anti-misoperation: PDU main control switch ON / OFF with protective  grille, to prevent accidental shutdown, while providing optional dual.
6,  modular design, with international common standard jacks, British  standard jacks, German standard jacks, American standard jacks and other  modules can be freely replaced to meet the different needs of  multinational customers.
Of  course, the cabinet PDU power distribution unit also has advantages  such as wide use range, high mechanical strength, safe and reliable use,  and the like!