The Correct Way To Open The Socket At Home


1. How many sockets are reserved?
1, I have to reserve a lot. Before I thought that the entrance was not plugged in, I left a switch. Who knew that my wife would later make an electronic disinfection cabinet, which caused me to open a hole from the back of the shoe cabinet to the restaurant The socket is really careless.
2, I do n’t know anyone else. I regret that I did n’t leave enough. There are fewer sockets in the kitchen. Now I like to buy a variety of small kitchen appliances, a lot of small items, and the sockets are not enough.
3, In fact, there are not as many sockets as possible. Many places can be used skillfully. There are actually six holes under the cabinet, or you can buy a millet cube converter. There are sockets on all sides to make it easy.
2.Common socket layout
The commonly used air conditioner refrigerator TV sockets are not stubborn. Focus on recording a few of the sockets that are easy to miss, and often the most important ones are missing.
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Hair Socket: The socket is installed on the inner side panel of the mirror cabinet. After blowing it, it can be stored in the mirror cabinet after plugging in the power supply.
Inductive soap dispenser socket: It is also installed in the mirror cabinet to provide power for the automatic soap dispenser.
Electric toothbrush, shaver charging socket: also hidden in the mirror cabinet, automatic electric toilet socket: on the wall behind the toilet side
Sockets for dishwashers, kitchen utensils, kitchen garbage shredders, water purifiers: 4 five-hole sockets under the cabinet sink. White microwave oven, rice cooker, oven, cooking machine, juicer socket: kitchen counter top .4 20-30cm five-hole sockets above
In short, the socket in the kitchen must be indispensable, because I have experienced many kitchen appliances in the home before, and it is very troublesome to buy the socket.
Inductive wardrobe light: a socket is reserved behind the drawer or trousers rack in the longitudinal space of each wardrobe, if there is a mobile mirror cabinet
▎Living room
USB socket for mobile phone charging: charging socket for cleaning robot near the sofa: under the TV cabinet (my TV cabinet is suspended from the ground 25cm) game consoles, set-top boxes, stereos, TV cabinet back panel, floor lamp and fan sockets: TV cabinet two On the side wall, about 30cm above the ground
Charging of mobile phones, notebooks, and aromatherapy machines at the bedside of the bedroom: two five-hole sockets with a USB socket of about 30cm above the bedside table with white sockets: two five-hole sockets about 30cm behind the bedside table
(The charging cable for mobile phones can also be plugged into the socket on the back of the bedside table. Fix the charging cable head with the organizer on the side of the bedside counter, and there will be no spider-like wires everywhere on the table)
Reading corner for mobile phone and laptop charging socket USB socket, computer socket: two five-hole ground plugs below the desk
Router socket: back panel or side panel of bookcase open shelf
3. Some sockets can obviously be omitted
In some places, you do n’t need to install as many sockets at all. Although many sockets are needed, in some places you do n’t need them.
1. Under the cabinet sink, the garbage processor and water purifier, kitchen treasure, and dishwasher are all three plugs, and a six-hole socket is enough! The socket cannot be installed behind the dishwasher, it is best to drain the water together with the sink Then put it next to the sink cabinet. The socket is directly in the sink cabinet. There are no need for four sockets. Two six-hole sockets are ok. To prevent this, add a five-hole socket or leave it blank.
2. The heating and return pumps are three plugs, and they are also one-on-one. A six-hole socket can also be used.
3. Refrigerators and gas alarms, one with three holes and one with two holes, need to be left on all the time, so they have a separate circuit, and a five-hole socket is enough.
4. Anyway, the socket on the back of the TV is never enough. Weak networks and TVs are required, but a strong plug is left in the strong plug. The plug is directly glued to the back of the TV or the wall behind the TV.
5. The sockets in the cabinet, such as mirror cabinets, wardrobes and other basic small things, can be replaced by plug-in banks.