What Is Smart Power Strips


“Smart plugging” refers to the plug-in that is designed for smart devices with a USB interface that can directly charge smart devices. Compared with the traditional national standard five-hole plug, the intelligent plug-in has made more improvements in appearance and performance. Most of the smart plug-in integrates the traditional national standard five-hole jack with the USB interface to improve space utilization and work. Efficiency makes it more in line with contemporary people's habits. Smart plug is a smart socket that integrates security protection, USB fast charging, and power metering.
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What are the advantages of smart power strips?
1.Intelligent shunt
Smart plugs usually have different current output interfaces, such as 1A regular current, 2.4A high current and other current grading. The mobile phone uses standard 1A current charging. The smart device such as tablet uses 2.4A high current charging, which is different from ordinary plugging and shunting. Charging can avoid damage to the device due to improper current and reduce charging waiting time.
2. USB output interface design
Traditional plug-in is also constantly updated, but most of them are changes in external form; while smart plug-in integrates the USB interface commonly used by smart devices into the plug-in, users can directly use the self-supplied charging connector when using Charging, reducing congestion and increasing the use of space.
3. Shell selection
Some of the big brand smart plugs will be made of a new PC material, which is pure white. This material is more resistant to heat and has a higher safety performance. Some ordinary plugs with yellowing of the outer casing mostly use recycled plastic, and some will add color materials, which has certain safety hazards.
4. Security level
At present, the thickness of most of the inserted copper sheets is about 0.5mm, and some brands will carry out thickening design. For example, using 0.6mm copper sheets, the design of the safety door will also be added to the jacks, which is more effective in preventing electric shocks such as electric shock and electric leakage.
5. Protection function
Overload protection: When the current in the circuit is too large, the power supply is automatically cut off to protect the electrical equipment;
6. Short circuit protection
When a short circuit fault occurs in the circuit, the power supply is automatically cut off to protect the electrical equipment and avoid fire.