I Have To Be Safe To Plug In The Board


In the intelligent modern society, there are almost one mobile phone, and there are not many other digital products. However, these digital products require electricity to sustain life, but the space for charging plug-in is still limited. What should I do? As the so-called demand, there will be production, USB output power port plug-in board is born smoothly, this kind of plug-in board that can charge a series of digital products such as mobile phones without a charger with only one data line is received by everyone. The enthusiasm, and recently there are some plug-in USB output power ports even directly appear fast charge design, what is the design? Let's take a look
The six-position patch panels are believed to be familiar to everyone. The development of mobile power and chargers is also very fast. Many products have also been strongly recognized by consumers. The 6-digit extension cord socket is one of them.
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The first is its wire. For any household appliance, the wire material can reflect the pros and cons of a product. The socket is really well-intentioned in this respect. It uses an integrated copper strip design, effective It avoids the safety hazards of continuation of heat and fire, and excellent heat dissipation and electrical conductivity make electrical transfer safer.
The six-position extension cord socket is also made of white flame-retardant plastic material, so the surface texture has a point of matte feel. The end face of the jack is not a flat surface, but a slightly upward arc treatment is used, so that the overall shape is not very stiff and the appearance is slightly better. Ordinary patch panels are more natural and look more pleasing to the eye.
In the past few years, I often saw news that a child had inserted a piece of iron into the socket board, so the current patch panel also paid enough attention to safety. This is also true for this purple rice six-position patch panel. There are three jacks, three 3+2 jacks, and three jacks. They all have safety gates to ensure that accidental electric shocks occur. Of course, in addition to the normal jacks, the jacks are equipped with two. USB-A output charging interface.
In addition, in order to ensure sufficient security, the socket also uses a seesaw switch, and a hidden indicator light is built in the USB-A interface. The warm white light source is more warm after being powered.